In Video module, by default, you are unable to upload a video which has the size larger than 256 MB. This is due to a limitation in upload library.

To adjust this, please edit file at: .../PF.Base/static/jscript/dropzone.js
Scroll down to line 122 and change the value here to the max size you wish to upload your videos:

Dropzone.prototype.defaultOptions = {
      url: null,
      method: "post",
      withCredentials: false,
      parallelUploads: 2,
      uploadMultiple: false,
      maxFilesize: 256, // Change this value
      paramName: "file",
      createImageThumbnails: true,
      maxThumbnailFilesize: 10,
      thumbnailWidth: 500,
      thumbnailHeight: 500,
      filesizeBase: 1024,
      maxFiles: null,


November 5, 2018