Within valid supporting period, YouNet’s support team will make every effort to support our customers. However, we do have an extensive Knowledge Base that should address the most common issues that are directly supported by us. Thus we strongly encourage our customers to use this extensive resource to not only seek support, but also to become more familiar with our products and services.

During Support Service period, YouNet Support will provide the most information as possible. Before posting any related’ s issues, we do recommend customer to visit our Knowledge Base where all the basic products information are available:

What we do:

  • Product general information
  • Product functionality information
  • Problem’ s encountered within module/plugin only

But limited to:

  • Incompatibility with 3rd party providers
  • Site issues
  • Modified/Edited module not by YouNet
  • Product usage training
  • Network/System/Server administration activities
  • Defects in the products due to hardware malfunction, abuse or improper use
  • Source code development/explanation
  • Migrate date
  • Ect...
October 19, 2018