Suspose that you just purchased Webmin and need to guide how to set up server

The neccessary works

- Apache server



Let us break down each step to guide

1. Apache Server

On the left list, at near the end of the menu one >> Un-used Modules >> Apache Webservers >> "click here" text

Then the system auto created a "Apache Server" server for you.

Next step: we guide you how to start or step "Apache" server

Also on left menu list >> System >> Bootup and Shutdown >> find "httpd" keyword and check it >> drag forward to the bottom of the page until you find some buttons such as "Start", "Stop", "Restart", we highlighted heavily so you're very easy to find.

Great to this step, you have set up successfully for Apache server, you can use IP or domain name to access on browser

2. PHP

Restart Apache server (guided in section #1)

3. MySQL

Follow the steps inside picture to set up MySQL

On that page, you can create database & user

Note: for database user: please choose host as localhost, do not choose "Any"

Great! Thanks for following to here, you're done for setting up server on WebAdmin

October 1, 2018
Category: Developers