You'd like to evaluate products which you paid/purchased from third parties and also share thought about their service to you in supporting you, phpFox Store is a place which you can make that, it helps developers to improve products & services and also helps other clients to indentify quanlity of that developer before maing any businesses.

We'd like to guide you how to give appreciation (positive or nagative) on phpFox Store.

1. You need to have a license of phpFox and paid products

Each product which you purchased will be mapping with License ID, phpFox is just authorized to provide feedback on paid products for even-handed purpose, avoid negative reviews from competitors as no one to make feedback deceitful as required license.

2. Log in into back-end of your site to review

Ex: assume that your domain is so back-end it will be (please change by your domain as well as remove "s" if you do not secure your site with SSL)

In back-end >> "Apps" menu at the left list >> Purchase History >> product to evaluate >> Submit for Review on the right column

Below is some screenshots to illustrate for our above steps

Great! you can later let their support staffs to know via ticket if you need to inform them. If not, phpFox system is also sent auto Email to Project manager/owner to notify

September 20, 2018