By default, on Resume app you're able to stop showing sensitive fields such as Material Status, Gender and Date of Birth but users of site force to enter that info on "Create a Resume" process.

So the below instruction is to hide for those fields persistently

1. Uncheck for those "Display" fields

At /PF.Base/module/resume/include/component/controller/add.class.php

Code to copy inconvenience

$aInfoUser['display_date_of_birth'] = 0;
$aInfoUser['display_gender'] = 0;
$aInfoUser['display_marital_status'] = 0;

2. Display = None for them

At /PF.Base/module/resume/template/default/controller/add.html.php

Add hide for "Gender", "Date of Birth" and and "Marital Status" and "Synchronize with Basic Information in Profile"

3. Not required for some fields

At /PF.Base/module/resume/include/component/controller/add.class.php

If you meet any diffficulty in modification, you can contact us on ticket system.

September 18, 2018
Category: Resume