After entering MailChimp key and syncing MailChimp mails to your phpFox site, enter Admin CP >> Apps >> Installed >> YouNet MailChimp Integration >> Location Setting, you will see all the mails.

Select Edit on the mail you want to modify the settings.
From here you can select user groups you wish to send mail to by checking on the check box
If you want all users to be sent, select all user group here.

In Subscribe Setting section:
- Select True on 'Subscribe user to this MailChimp list' if you want emails of these users to be subscribed to MailChimp list. Otherwise, please select False here.
- Select True on 'Send confirm email' if you want a confirmation email to be sent before adding. Otherwise, please select False here.

You can also specify a description here.

Then hit Submit to save changes.

Now the selected mail will have all the email of users in selected user groups to be subscribed.

June 11, 2018