To do this, admin is required to have a Business Paypal account. We need Paypal API Signatures to setup adaptive payment to send money from buyer to both admin and seller at the same time. 1. Login to your Paypal account. Click the Profile on the top right side of the page >> Select Profile and Settings. 2. From the left menu, click My selling tools >> In the Selling online section, click the Update link for the API access item. 3. To generate the API signature, click Request API Credentials on the API Access page. 4. Select Request API signature and click Agree and Submit to generate the API signature. 5. Here you have 3 credential information you need for setup process are: API Username, API Password and API Signature >> Click on Show to reveal each item. Copy and save them. The Adaptive Paypal APIs also make use of an AppID value. To obtain an AppID value for use in the PayPal production environment, submit your application for review, as described in Going Live with Your Application. When you have all 4 Paypal API elements for adaptive payment (API UsernameAPI PasswordAPI Signature and  AppID), head to back-end setting of ECommerce and select Global Settings >> At Payment Settings, choose Admin only receive commission on sold products. All the rest will be purchased to seller directly. Fill 4 required API information with those we just obtained from above >> Hit Submit to save. From now on, every time buyer makes a purchase on Social Store or Auction app, payment will be split and sent to both seller and admin (with a pre-defined commission rate). References:
February 9, 2018
Category: Ecommerce