1. Required YNCore 4.02p2 

2. Improvements: 
    - Improve all layouts of Advanced Event 
   - Improve Advanced Search form 
   - Add Find Events block 
   - Add Events Ticket info 
   - Add Notification Reminder feature 
   - Allow users to create a new event with the wizard pattern. It helps the user see clearly important sections/ info that must/ need to be filled 
   - Combine similar blocks into one 

3. Bug fixes: 
   - Delete adv events on Pages/Group not affect 
   - Events created on Pages/Groups auto public without approval 
   - Can only see own events on Sponsored Events block 
   - Can not un-sponsor an event after Sponsored with payment 
   - Show duplicate feed after approve a pending event 
   - Registered users can not view adv event feed in the group feed 
   - Create repeat events and use CDN - the repeat events missed photos 
   - Calendar block does not load calendar on Internet Explorer 
   - Edit event > Manage Guest List - Load info of other tabs after load more 
   - AdminCP - Add new categories - Not load new categories in Parent Category 
   - Add missing phrases

May 29, 2019
Category: Advanced Event