On your site, you can fetch videos from your YouTube channels manually but you'd like to fetch auto if there are any new videos in Channels, how to make that.

Let's guide you below.

our Video Channel supports this but first, we'd like to mention about how to get channels into phpFox Site. Please go to Video Channel main page and you can see a button to add a channel

Click on it >>  2 options to receive channels such as entering URL of channel and searching channels via Keyword.

Once you're complete, you can get videos from your channels

1. Manually

On "My Channels" page >> Auto Update

2. Auto

It's through Cron Job

So for why you do not receive the updated videos, please check your Cron Job whether it's configured or not? It's extra Cron, not phpFox Cron.

Refer here for configuration http://knowledgebase.younetco.com/gettingstarted/article/article_544


May 25, 2019
Category: Video Channel