Social Chat is a great product to communicate between users each other on the real-time, you can find online friends to chat with them. However, the 1st time you used Social Chat, you will face this issue "Unable to connect to chat. Check your Internet connection"

That is you need to configure your server

1. HTTP site: open Socket port as 9009

2. HTTPS/SSL site: set up Stunnel

Please follow the guidance here (you can make if you're familiar with the server or bring to your hosting)

If no one helps you and you need us to configure on your server, we provide configuration service, its price is $30, we did mention at

"Specifically, installation service for Social Chat plugin is $30, for a Template is $20"

Note that you must own VPS/Dedicated server. If your server is shared host, you need to upgrade your server.

May 22, 2019
Category: Social Chat