The feature of importing from LinkedIn is an amazing feature, it is very convenient for users to import all info from the profile page on Linkedin into other sites. Suppose that if you have to enter manually, it will take your time very much.

Our Resume product supports that for you, just an "Import from Linkedin" button, it will connect to LinkedIn API to certify your account and get all info into your phpFox Site to use.

From the avatar, header until other sufficient info.

Note that LinkedIn API requires you to get in touch with them to ask for this "r_fullprofile" permission, please refer here for that one:

If you do not request that permission, you will just have"r_basicprofile" basic permission, Linkedin API returns you with restricted info.

No way to improve on our side, so you need to work more with Linkedin for that full permission.

May 17, 2019
Category: Resume