Twitter API allows you to authorize your account to perform some actions on the website such as get profile info to log in on Social Connect, publish feeds to Twitter wall page on Social Publisher

Here we will address you on how to receive that API to set up on your phpFox website

1. Go to Twitter Developer to create an app

Some issue you will face

a. Your existing account

"Your developer account application is pending. You may manage your existing apps but need to wait until your application is approved to create new apps. Please check the email associated with this account for updates on your developer application"

Unable to create a new app, please check your Email and follow their guidance.

b. A new account

Click the "Apply" button and follow their guidance, then they will send you an Email to confirm again, click on it and wait for 24 hours to receive approval.

2. Configure some info

"App Detail" tab

Callback URL: https://yourdomain/PF.Base/module/socialbridge/static/php/twitter.php

"Keys and tokens" tab

Get the API Key and API Secret Key

3. Enter Keys into Social Bridge app

Go to AdminCP >> Apps >> Installed >> Social Bridge >> Manage Social API Keys

Scroll to "Twitter" section to enter your created keys

May 17, 2019
Category: Social Bridge