Our product used Firebase Cloud Message at https://firebase.google.com/ to send a message to browsers (Web app). Let's guide how to configure on Firebase below

1. Go to Firebase console

URL: https://console.firebase.google.com/u/0/?pli=1

2. Add a project

Enter all info required

3. Add an app for WEB

Click "Register app" to proceed, it will show the code, please copy it into your phpFox site on our "Web Push Notification" product

It's at AdminCP >> Apps >> Installed >> Web Push Notification >> Settings >> FCM Auth Code Snippet

4. Get "Project Server Key" On "Firebase" site

It's at Project Overview >> Project Settings >> Cloud Messaging >> Server Key (copy it and bring to the phpFox site at "Project Server Key", it's above of "FCM Auth Code Snippet"

5. Refer for configuration in phpFox site after entering info

May 16, 2019