"Feature a business" service purpose is to highlight your businesses on the top of the page, it helps your business more attention to everyone.

1. How to feature a Business

a. At "Create new Business" page

Home Page >> "Business Directory" menu  >> "Create New Business" >> Choose a package

b. Edit with your existing business

Home Page >> "Business Directory" menu >> choose your business to go into the detail page >> "Setting" icon >> Manage Business >> At "Feature" field, please enter how many days you'd like your business to be featured.

If you have featured before, you can extend days by adding again.

c. "My Businesses" page

2. Price to feature a business

You can set at AdminCP >> Apps >> Installed >> Business Directory >> More >> Global Settings >> Fee to Feature Busines

3. Hide "Feature" function

You can switch the  "Can feature business? setting to off at AdminCP >> Apps >> Installed >> Business Directory >> User Group Settings

May 16, 2019
Category: Business Directory