About us

YouNetCo is a US-based company dedicated to Social Network with production in Vietnam and business office in Boston, MA, USA.

Our people include talented engineers and researchers who love to develop from small items to big social network based products..

We have been in this emerging domain since 2008 with 300+ social projects completed, 100+ add-ons produced. Our social network extensions have been used by more than 4000 social networks in the world.

With the emerging of niche social network, our mission is to empower enterprise to leverage social network in business to create more productivity with our YouNet Social Ecosystem.

YouNet US
9741 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 201 Westminster, CA 92683, United States
Phone: (+1) 626 460-0248
Email: support [AT] younetco.com

YouNet Vietnam
2nd floor, Lu Gia Plaza 70 Lu Gia St., Dist. 11, HCM City
Phone: (84) 093 762 8775
Email: support [AT] younetco.com