Basically, Social Store and Advanced Marketplace are 2 e-commerce solutions from YounetCo.

Indeed, Advanced Marketplace is just an upgrade to core Marketplace app (The list of advanced features compared to core Marketplace app you can find in the Description of the app at

Social Store app, in another hand, is another whole new and much more completed e-commerce solution.
Some features include:
- Can open your own store and sell products on the store. Buyers can browse and find the product in store easily.
- Subscription packages: You can have many levels of stores to make sure that sellers have several options to sell products
- Inheriting all functions from E-Commerce, the Cart, the Checkout process and the Invoice management are simplified and in a professional way.
- Add a product into wishlist and card as well as add Store into the favorite and following list
And much more... You can figure out the full feature list of Social Store at:

November 5, 2018
Category: Social Store