Header bar color and Menu bar color should be changed simutaniously

On source code of Mobile Application in terms of client side, which is source code to build out files to test as well as upload to Play Store and Apple Store

1. Header bar color

It's location /dev/app/themes/android/_variables.scss

$positive:                        #xxx !default;

Change #xxx (hexa color) to your expected color, ex:

$positive:                        #d54011 !default;

2. Menu bar color

Similar on header bar color, it's at

Finally stand at /dev/app and run on your specfic version

Android: sh release.android.sh

iPhone: sh release.iphone.sh

iPad: sh release.ipad.sh

The result:

Congrature on you for 1st step to be familar to source code modification !!!

September 17, 2018
Category: General FAQs