Ads created by Social Ads will show up to users in 3 levels of priority:   1. Ads will show up on assigned blocks which are defined when ads are created. So first of all, the module will check if users have privileges to view these blocks. If a certain user doesn't have permission to view blocks (on pages, modules...), ad will not show up to that user.   2. After making sure users are able to view ads on block, ads will be filtered and show only to users who meet the criteria which defined while ad created. This filter includes Location, Gender and Age range of users. 111   For instance, according to filter above, users with age > 50 will not see the ad.   3. When a certain amount of users is selected to see the ads, the ads will appear to them as follow: At first all the ads will be displayed as newest to oldest order (Ads created after will be displayed on top). Then upon interaction of users, the ads which have lower completion rate will be displayed on top of the ads have better completion rate in the same assigned block. The completion rate is calculated: (The amount of interaction) / (The package goal). For instance: On block 3 - Ad Y is created first, then ad X is created later. In the beginning without any interactions, ad X will be displayed first, then ad Y will be displayed right after. - After a while, ad X was created using package of 100 clicks, and currently it has 30 clicks. So the completion rate of ad X will be: 30 / 100 = 0.3 - After a while, ad Y was created using package of 1000 impressions, and currently it has 100 views. So the completion rate of ad Y will be: 100/1000 = 0.1 So now ad Y has less completion rate than ad X (0.1 < 0.3), then ad Y will be display first, then ad X will be displayed second. The philosophy behind is that the ad which has lower completion rate will be boosted by appearing on top, and when it has enough attention to reach its goal, it will appear after to give chances for other ads to reach their goals.
February 9, 2018
Category: Social Ads