This is an acknowledged issue from the core of PHPfox V4. Since PHPfox V4 is short of authentication for Social Connect, both Social Connects of core PHPfox and YouNet's cannot show the icons. For specific YouNet Social Connect, to fix this issue, you need to a single line of code in core: - If using PHPfox version 4.1.2 or older:
  • Open file PF.Base/module/user/include/service/auth.class.php
  • Search the 2nd phrase "if (!$Hash->check($sPassword, $aRow['password']))" from the top
  • Replace with text "if (!$bNoPasswordCheck && $bDoPhpfoxLoginCheck && !$Hash->check($sPassword, $aRow['password']))"
  • Save the file
Whenever PHPfox fixes that core issue, we will update for our module as well.
February 9, 2018
Category: Social Connect