This article will provide you a step-by-step guide to let you understand the whole mobile app building process.

Please carefully follow these steps to make sure your app will be built quickly and smoothly. So let's start:  

Step 1

After you purchased a mobile package from us, please follow this guide to provide us all the required information and assets we need during the app building process.


  • Please send us only 1 version for each image in correct dimensions as mentioned in the article.
  • Also please turn off all the 2-steps verification on the accounts OR consider to add us as developer on those accounts with all the permissions.


Step 2

After all the required information and assets are checked and meet all the standards, we will process on building the app for you.

This process usually takes 2-4 business days to finish. So please remind us if you have't received any response from us after that period.  

Step 3

After we successfully built the app, we will provide you the APK file (For Android) and/or IPA file (For iOS) for testing.

Usually, we will provide APK file for Android version first, you should test this build on an Android device. If it meets all your requirements, we then will process on building iOS version. In case you need us to deliver iOS version first, please remind us on this point in step 2.


  • You can test and report bugs/errors/problems on the app during this process. We will fix the reported issues and rebuild the app for you.

At this stage, below rules will be applied when fixing issues:
1. We will fix minor issues such as wrong logos/information, some issues of missing images, missing functionalities of some modules,  broken or weird app layout... We will examine this case by case and provide you clear information on this.
2. Any issue that we check and confirm that is the issue on our mobile app (For instance the issues also appear in demo mobile app), we will consider and provide you support to resolve them. However, most likely we will fix them in next releases of the mobile app.
3. To fix issues, our team will arrange a specific time period to resolve on each issue. 

  • However, please test the app carefully and report as many issues as you can at one time in this phase. Because we only help you to build the app 3 times. It means you have the first build from us to test for issues/problems, then you will have another 2 builds to fix the issues you reported. 
  • In case after 3 builds and you still figure the issue on the app. You can request us to rebuild the app but now you will be charged for the build request.
  • During the app testing process, in case you wish to publish the app to the stores as soon as possible, you can request us to publish the current build of the app to the store at anytime.
February 9, 2018
Category: General FAQs