Create Ad

In order for advertisers to create ads, as an admin you need to create ad package first. Follow this instruction on how to create an ad package.

On front end, click on social ads menu to navigate to social ad landing page. Then click on "Create new ad".

A page will show up displaying all ad packages available for this user.

[caption id="attachment_1294" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Front End - Create new ad - Step 1 Front End - Create new ad - Step 1[/caption]

Select an ad package and click "create ad".

A new page will display various required fields that advertisers need to fill out.

[caption id="attachment_1296" align="aligncenter" width="555"]Front End - Create new ad - Step 2 Front End - Create new ad - Step 2[/caption]

  • Item Type:
    • External URL: If you want users to go to certain url when users click on your ad.
    • Internal Content: Use content of your site as advertised item. If this item is selected, 2 additional fields will show up.
      • Select Module: select module that your item belongs to.
      • Select Item: All your item in this module will be shown here.
  • URL : This field is only available if you select External URL in Item Type.
  • Type of ad: There are 3 types of ad:
    • Text: display a text or text with image.
    • Banner: Ad is displayed as an image.
    • Feed: Add will be displayed user's activity feed.
  • Preview and Edit: This form will change depending on which type of ad you choose.
    • Display on Placement: Select where on a page your ads will be displayed.
    • Display on Page: which page should your ad appear on.
    • Preview Layout: This field will show a little sketch of how ads will be display on a page.
    • Title, Text, Image , Preview: These fields are either removed or auto filled depending on your item type and ad type.
      • If External URL is selected and type of ad is either text or feed: you're required to fill out all Text, Title, and Image (optional) fields.
      • If External URL is selected and type of ad is banner: you only need to upload image.
      • If Internal Content is selected, and type of ad is either text or feed: you're only required to fill out .text and title. Item's image will be used unless you want different image then you can upload new image.
      • If  Internal Content  is selected and type of ad is banner: you're set unless you want new image then you just simple upload new image.
  • Pricing, Campaign and Schedule: This form specifies how long your ad runs, which campaign this ad belongs to and cost.
    • Pricing: how much you're going to pay for this package. Initial price of a package is specified by admin. If you want to purchase more, you can increase number of clicks/impressions and the price will increase accordingly but you cannot decrease less than original value.
    • Select Campaign:  Select already created campaign or create a new one. To create a new one, simply fill in the "Campaign Name" field.
    • Schedule: When your ad will run. You can either choose "run immediately after being approved" or specify start and end date.
  • Target Settings: Choose your target audiences by filling out these fields:
    • Age: select age range of your target audiences.
    • Gender: target audience's gender.
    • City: which city your audiences live in.
    • Country: which country your audiences live in.
    • Interest: target audiences with specific interest.
    • Birthday: target audiences whose birthday is on a specific date.
    • Network: which network you audience is in.
    • Profile type: target audience who has certain type of profile.
    • Guest: whether you allow guest to view this ad or not.
    • Audiences: this value will be update depending on inputs from above fields.

Once you fill out all fields above. Click "place order" if you think your ad is ready or "save as draft" so that you can change it later. Note, once you place your order, you won't be able to change its detail .

When you click on "place order", you've a chance to review general info of your ad.  You can choose your favored payment method to make payment.

[caption id="attachment_1297" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Front End - Create new ad - Step 3 Front End - Create new ad - Step 3[/caption]

Note: Pay Later option won't be available if your ad's start date is less than x day from creation date (x is defined by admin). Let's say you have 4 days to send admin payment. It means your ad's start date must be 4 days from now.

Once you make payment, your ad will need to be approved by admin before it's visible to users.

Manage Ad

Once you create an ad, it'll be available in my ad page.

[caption id="attachment_1298" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Front End - My Ads Front End - My Ads[/caption]

This page has all information you need to know about your ad. You can also pause or delete if you want to.

  • Clicks: total clicks that your ad receives .
  • Unique clicks: total number of users that click on your ad.
  • Impressions: total views that your ad receives .
  • Reaches:  total number of users that view your ad.

You can check out how your ad campaign is doing by visiting "my campaigns" page.

You can have detail report on how your ad doing by visiting "report" page. This page allows you to export ad report to xls file format.

On my account page, under virtual money tab, you can see how much money you have left from your previous ads. If your ad runs out of time but your target hasn't been reached, the remaining clicks/impressions will be converted to virtual money. You can request this amount from admin by clicking on add request button.

Status of your request and response from admin will be shown in this page as well.



February 9, 2018
Category: Social Ads