How to set up LinkedIn App to get LinkedIn API?

1. Go to and click on “Create Application” 2. Fill in the information as on-screen instructions with these notes: Application Use should be: Social Aggregation Website URL should be this URL:  Remember to replace “” with your site URL 3. Click on “Submit” and you will be brought to Authentication page as following Note: 1. If your […]

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How to setup Facebook app and get Facebook API

Follow 10 steps below to get your Facebook API key up and running: 1. Go here  and login to your Facebook account to create your app. 2. Choose Add a New App. 3. Enter Display Name for app & your Contact email >> Create App ID >> Enter captcha verification & hit Submit. 4. Choose […]

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How to setup Facebook app to work with Social Publisher and Social Media Importer app?

After setting up the Facebook app and have Facebook API here. However, to make Social Publisher and Social Media Importer app to work, you need some extra permissions in order to get content from Facebook. On your app page, select App Review from the left menu. Click on “Start a Submission”. In the popup window: – […]

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