Why are some of game screens cut off while playing on mobile devices vertically?

When playing games on mobile devices with vertical orientation, the screens are cut off. This is a well-known issue and we have already been aware of that. It causes by lacking of supports from the original game providers. Some of the providers support to automatically turn to full-screen view or automatically scale accordingly to mobile […]

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What will happen if we close the pop up during fetching process?

The fetching process will continue running in background until it reaches configured number of games.

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Installation & Upgrade Guide for YouNet Arcade Game App on phpFox Store

Please follow all steps in this Installation & Upgrade guide in order to make this module work properly 1. Installation Guide Below are the Installation Steps: Install YouNet Arcade Game App on the phpFox Store Run “Rebuild Core Theme” at AdminCP >> Maintenance Clear your cache site (at AdminCP > Maintenance >> Cache Manager) 2. Upgrade Guide Upgrade our latest […]

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