Installation guide for Affiliate App

Installation & Upgrade Guide for Affiliate App Please follow all steps in this installation guide in order to make this app work properly If you need any assistance, please submit a new ticket at the client area ( Requirement YouNet E-Commerce app: a common app – where buyer and seller can track all of their […]

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Can I set Affiliate app to pay commission to referrer on cycle subscription?

If a member sign up for subscription, the referrer will be paid through Affiliate every time that member renew his/her subscription. Currently, we provide option for referrer to be received commission each time a member pays to maintain his/her subscription. Please setup this action in Commission Rules of Affiliate app setting under Membership Purchase or […]

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How to know which commission rules the Affiliate app is applying to?

Heading to Affiliate app back-end setting >> Commission Rules. Here you can see a list of which actions that Affiliate app are applying rules to. On this page, you can choose and edit rule for each level of each action. Also you can enable/disable certain action you want commission rule to apply for each user […]

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