When do I get Push Notifications on Oxwall Mobile App?

Push notifications are a way for the app to send information to your devices even when you aren’t using the app. You will get Push Notification in the following cases: Newsfeed: Comment on feed Like user status Comment on user status Comment on profile’s feed Photo: Like album Comment on album Like photo Comment on […]

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How to Publish Mobile app to store?

Android: 1. Go to this site: 2. Login by your Google Developer account 3. Click on Publish an Android App on Google Play at the home page 4. In put your app name and upload Android APK file 5. Fill in metadata 6. Screen shots: You can take 5 screen shot on your phone […]

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Additional services for mobile app on Oxwall

1. Mobile Application – Design Splash Screen and Icons 2. Mobile Application – Splash Login Integration

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