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Broken layout when installing/upgrading a new app or upgrading platform

In phpFox Neutron, there's a feature as "Rebuild Core Theme" at AdminCP >> Maintenance. Its purpose is to compile all styles on all apps to one file to load. Hence this info is still vague and not ann... Read Article ›

How to use MailChimp Integration?

Step 1: Create Connection between your MailChimp and phpFox site Go to your MailChimp --> Account --> API Keys and Authorize App. View Photo Press “Add A Key” --> Enter your phpFox site URL and ... Read Article ›

How to apply for Facebook permission?

Due to recent Facebook API update, some permissions are no longer granted as default. For those Facebook apps created after April 30th 2014, there are 3 permissions which are no longer granted as defa... Read Article ›

Installation & Upgrade Guide for YouNet User Document App on phpFox Store

Please follow all steps in this Installation & Upgrade guide in order to make this module work properly 1. Installation Guide Below are the Installation Steps: Install YouNet User Document App o... Read Article ›

Does YouNet Affiliate System work with 3rd-party Store plugin?

If you are using your Store and want to install Affiliate system to use with it, there is some small modifications that need to be done to make them match; and we consider it as a custom work. Whereas... Read Article ›

Do I still need to buy SocialEngine default plugins in prior to use Advanced Plugins ?

Our plugins are the enhancement of Social Engine plugins. As said in our website about the Dependency: Those plugins need SE plugins installed first on your site to make them work. That means you have... Read Article ›

How can I add news into my site using Ultimate News plugin?

Read Article ›

Why do I have to use Payment Gateway in Donation, Fund Raising, Coupon and Contest modules?

Basically, the YouNet Payment Gateway module is inherited from the default Payment gateway of phpfox. To use Donation, Fund Raising, Coupon and Contest modules, this module has to be installed alo... Read Article ›

Why do connect icons not appearing at the site console area?

Please check whether the Social Bridge module has been installed onto your site or not. This module is used to manage social accounts and can be found at your client area (http://oxwall.younetco.com/c... Read Article ›

How can I create a job?

For admin, Industries should be added before creating a new company, then job can be created. Create A New Industry Create A New Company Read Article ›

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